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Dr Kadi Sesay is one of the most prominent female politicians and educationists in Sierra Leone. Dr. Sesay was a  Presidential Aspirant  who eventually became Vice Presidential candidate to RTD Brigadier Julius Maada Bio for the Sierra Leone People’s Party in the 2012 Sierra Leone Presidential Elections. Dr. Sesay was up to 2010, Deputy National chairman and leader for her party,( the only woman to have held that position). The SLPP is currently the main Opposition Party in Sierra Leone and the oldest party in West Africa that led Sierra Leone to independence.

In 1999 – 2002, Dr. Sesay was Minister of Development and Economic Planning and Minister of Trade and Industry from 2002 -2007.  From 1994 -1999 Dr. Sesay was chairperson of Sierra Leone’s National Commission for Democracy and Human Rights following her long tenure of 20 years (from 1974 -1994 )  as university lecturer at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, during which she rose to the position of senior lecturer and head of the English department.

During her tenure as Minister, Dr Sesay initiated and supervised the development and implementation of Sierra Leone’s  Interim Poverty Reduction and Strategy Paper, Sierra Leone’s  Investment code,  Vision 2025, a National NGO Policy,  a Petroleum Products Strategic stocks programme,  A project for the Removal of Administrative Barriers to Investment and the Harmonization and simplification of Investment Processes and Procedures.

Dr Sesay is a graduate of Fourah Bay College ( with a BA Honours Degree), University of Sheffield, England, ( with a Masters Degree), and University of London ( with a PhD Doctorate degree.)

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